Welcome to MSB Symposium

A regenerative space for visionary international school leaders.

About Us

Making Stuff Better is an organisation offering coaching and leadership development solutions to International School partners. 

We believe that educators are at the heart of our shared responsibility to shape a better future for our young people, our communities and our planet.

We are committed to creating regenerative spaces where you are able to pause, reflect and reimagine the possibilities for your being, thinking and doing.

What is MSB Symposium

A Symposium is defined as:

‘A convivial meeting, usually following a dinner, for drinking and intellectual conversation.’

In MSB Symposium, we are curating conversations with our Faculty of experts from the worlds of sport, psychology, education, the creative arts, technology and more.

There are three forms of conversation:

Monthly Workshops with the MSB Faculty                        

Learn with our world-class faculty of cross-sector experts who share their insights each month in an immersive workshop. Continue conversations with the contributors who inspire you, beyond their event.

                                                                                            Conversations with…
Leading-edge thinkers from outside the world of education will encourage you to think above and beyond what you think you know.

Annual Gathering                        

An annual gathering for all Symposium members. An opportunity for you to celebrate your learning, go deeper and meet your colleagues face to face.

Who is MSB Symposium for?

MSB Symposium is for you if you are a leader looking to expand your range while keeping an eye on the vision for change that you are called to create. 

You know that responding to wide-ranging perspectives that challenge your world-view will always be part of this journey.

For more about what's coming up in Symposium and to join as an individual or a team, visit our website.

(If you are enrolled on any of our coaching, leadership development or coach training programmes, you have immediate access to MSB Symposium.)